lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

A ten years old boy who falls for a pocket watch.

There are things that seem to remind people or situations, or there are those that can bring us a more archaic memories.

A ten years old boy fell in love with this pocket watch and implored his father to acquire it, in despite of his refusal who reiterated: "it´s for adults, you will not use".

Finally, yielding to the beg almost become a crying and after negotiations between this steampunk pocket watch or a toy for his age which had seen before, the father of  toddler pleased to give it, who after holding in his hands, a smile in his face appeared like when someone remembers or retrieves something valuable.

Between the Cyber and the Steam..

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Welcome to my Steampunk Blog!

The Steampunk movement is an artistic trend that contemplates a casual crossover between designs of the Victorian age and science fiction, where the future meets and blends with the past.

Its earliest manifestations can be found in the literary field. The works of Jules Verne, for instance, feature plenty of the "futuristic" aesthetics that comprise the essentials of Steampunk fashion today, such a costumes, machineries, conveyances and ordinary life in general during the pinnacle of the industrial revolution.
For several months, I began to dabble in the Steampunk art and now I present the new stuff that was entirely hand-made out of clockwork parts and mechanisms, as well as any other bits that, all together, render it somehow retro futuristic.

Wendy Esmeralda Castillo

Steampunk Owl pocket watch & Bracelet

"Steam machines" USB Flash drives collection