miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Playstation controller

Here is my steampunk rendition of a Playstation controller, a new contraption made up with clockwork pieces fixed upon a generic model that you may plug into the USB port of your computer and use on some emulator. It’s functioning properly, though, depends on the version of your OS.
This piece wishes to conjure up a retro-futuristic aesthetics, as well as pay homage to those gamers who, somewhat nostalgic, still remain enraptured with cult videogames.

Jules Verne tribute

...“Ah commander, I exclaimed with conviction, 
your Nautilus is truly a marvelous boat!
Yes, profesor, Captain Nemo replied with genuin excitement, 
and I love it as if were my own flesh and blood!
Aboard a conventional ship, facig the ocean's perils, 
danger lurks everywhere; on the surface of the sea, 
your chief sensation is the constant feeling of an underlying chasm; 
but below the waves aboard the Nautilus, your heart never fails you!... 
There, sir, there's the ideal ship! 
And if it's true that the engineer 
has more confidence in a craft than the builder, 
and the builder more than the captain himself, 
you can understand the utter abandon 
with wich I place my trust in this Nautilus, 
since I'm its captain builder, and engineer all in one!
Captain Nemo spoke with winning eloquence. 
The fire in his eyes and the passion in his gestures transfigured him. 
Yes, he loved his ship the same way a father loves his child!.

Jules Verne, "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea"


If there is a personage who may be considered a prophet in regard to the technological progress of the twentieth century, due to the astounding accuracy of the devices that he described in his fantasy tales, he is, without any doubt, Jules Verne.

In steampunk art, a remembrance of the industrial aesthetics of the nineteenth century, Verne's work has been essential to revive all sort of attires and gadgets that seem to recreate the atmosphere of that period when fantasy tales evoked a future where machines played a prominent role in the evolution of civilisations.

Because of this and with the intention to contribute a crafted piece in homage to Verne's literary opus, I have redesigned a Gameboy in the fashion of toys of yore, as well as recalling the Nautilus, the submarine of Captain Nemo's that features in two of Verne's most influential volumes.

I have dubbed my steampunk version of a common Gameboy, which was made in february 2013, "Nautilus Gameboy", and it is my pride that it has been part of the following exhibitions:

The Mechanical Corps. On the trail of Jules Verne
Künstlerhaus Bethanien GMBH Project
Berlín, 2014.

The Mechanical Corps. On the trail of Jules Verne
Hartware MedienKunstVerein HMKV
Dortmund, 2015.

Steampunk outfit

A proper steampunk outfit is comprised of original everyday accesories. This time I brought together an elegant mechanical pocket-watch and a USB flash drive which may be carried on a chain.